In this video we take you through where to find all the information you need to get an idea of how much your home could sell for.

Use ESPC’s up-to-date property market data

A key indicator of how much your home may sell for is how much similar properties have recently sold for in your area. We offer a number of up-to-date resources that can paint this picture for you, from all the data on the ‘explore areas’ section of our website, to our monthly House Price Report, and our events hosted in the ESPC Information Centre.

You can also search sold property prices by street, area or district on our homepage.

Talk to one of our agents

For detailed advice on your property, our agents have in depth knowledge of the current market and local areas. They have access to very detailed property market data - this, coupled with their years of experience, means they are very well placed to give you an educated selling estimate for your home.

So the first step is to get in touch with one or more of our agents for an initial property valuation - simply fill out the free property valuation form.

How to use property stats

It’s important that you use any property stats in context. For example, if your property requires refurbishment, it may not sell for as much compared to a recently renovated house on your street. An ESPC agent will look at your property condition specifically and be able to help manage your expectations.

Where to start

So if you haven’t already, get in touch with one or more of our agents today to organise a free property valuation by filling out our simple form.


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