When looking for a new home, buying a property in the right school catchment area is at the top of the priority list for many families. Using school catchment information for Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife, the Scottish Borders, Stirling and Dumfries and Galloway, ESPC has developed a property search by school catchment tool to help you find a home near your preferred school.

Search properties by school catchment

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Search for homes by school catchment with ESPC

With ESPC, it’s really easy to find a property within your preferred school catchment. Simply go to the ESPC homepage, click on the ‘schools’ tab in the search bar,then start typing the name of your desired school and select from the drop-down list provided.

You’ll then be taken to a school catchment area map which shows all the properties currently for sale that are within the school catchment. You can use the filter tool on the left to ensure you are only shown the properties that meet your requirements.

Every property also has details of the school catchment for that specific house or flat, so if you find your dream home on ESPC you can find out the school catchment instantly.

The property search by school catchment feature is unique to ESPC. Unlike many other property websites, we don’t show the nearest school, or the school most likely to be within catchment for, we provide the actual catchment details, so you know that you are looking for a home in the right area.

How do school catchment areas work?

In Scotland, councils use catchment areas to decide which school a child is given a place at. The school catchment is an area around a single school – children who live in this are generally given a place at this school. This applies to both primary and secondary schools.

Living in a particular school catchment area is therefore often a priority when searching for a new family home. Use ESPC’s search by school catchment area tool to make sure you’re looking for homes in the right place.

Does living near a school increase property value?

Finding a home in the right school catchment is a priority for many families. This means that properties near certain schools can be in high demand which may result in higher selling prices when they come to be sold. 

Finding your family home

To find your next family home near the school of your choice, search for a property by school catchment now. You can also sign up to My ESPC to save your searches and be notified of new properties coming to market that meet your requirements, including school catchments.

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Local authority school catchments

ESPC provides details of the relevant school catchment for individual properties where we have access to the school catchment areas. We do this to make it easier for you to find a home in the right area near the school of your choice.

However, it is really important to check the latest school catchment information provided by the relevant local authorities as this is subject to change and we don’t guarantee that the information is accurate.

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