We know how great it feels to get the best price for your home. That's why you need to pick an ESPC solicitor estate agent to sell your home! It's a bold statement, but here's why. 

ESPC solicitor estate agents consistently achieve a higher percentage above the Home Report than estate agents. Our independently verified market research shows that on average solicitor estate agents achieved 2% more above the Home Report valuation. That can be a lot of extra money for home sellers. Don't believe us? Check out the table below. 

Home Report valuation Difference
£100,000 £2,000
£150,000 £3,000
£200,000 £4,000
£250,000 £5,000
£300,000 £6,000
£350,000 £7,000
£400,000 £8,000
£450,000 £9,000
£500,000 £10,000

Make sure to get the best price for your home with an ESPC solicitor estate agent. Get a free, no obligation pre-sale valuation today!

But it’s about more than just the selling price. When you sell with an ESPC solicitor estate agent you get more local knowledge, more enquiries for your home as well as, more selling at a great price celebrations! Find out about the ESPC selling package here

The additional advantages of choosing a solicitor estate agent 

It can be daunting thinking about selling your home. In the initial stages, it all comes down to how you choose to market your property. The easiest way to ensure a smooth process is to use one of ESPC’s 140 solicitor estate agency member firms – and there are additional benefits too.

Many sellers already know the perks of listing with an ESPC solicitor estate agent – our latest market research has revealed that ESPC is the place that most sellers would want their properties to be advertised.

If you’ve never sold before (or you haven’t done it for a while), allow us to explain what makes selling with ESPC a winning decision…

Every base covered

Using a solicitor estate agent means that you market your home with an all-encompassing approach. Solicitor estate agents not only handle the marketing and subsequent negotiations for the sale of your property, but the conveyancing and legal processes on both sides too, which helps to create a seamless process on the journey from listing to completion.

The highest standards of service

Unlike independent estate agents, solicitor estate agents are held to the highest standards of professional conduct, mandated by the Law Society of Scotland. In a nutshell, this means that sellers can trust that they’re in the safest hands for the job – and if you choose to use a solicitor estate agency that’s signed up to the ESPC Charter, you can rest assured that they’ve agreed to be held to even higher codes of conduct.

Get more for your home

Our latest market research has reaffirmed that ESPC solicitor estate agents consistently get sellers more money for their properties than independent estate agents. On average, ESPC solicitor estate agents secure a selling price that’s 2% higher above Home Report valuation than non-ESPC agents – who would say no to the potential of selling a home for a higher price?

Local expertise in abundance

ESPC solicitor estate agents have unrivalled access to the very latest property market data, so when you engage their services, they can advise you on the current status of the housing market, down to the selling prices of homes just like yours, or homes like the one you’re thinking of offering on, so that you can make the most informed decisions. 

Perfect pricing

Aligning with their in-depth local knowledge and experience of the property market, our solicitor estate agency members can help with that most crucial of tasks – pricing your property cleverly. ESPC’s CEO, Paul Hilton, discussed the importance of a careful pricing strategy to help your home stand out on the market, and nobody is better placed to guide you than the firms who are selling the vast majority of properties for sale across the market. Trust us, they know what works.

Exclusive access to espc.com

ESPC is the most popular property portal for sellers, with good reason – and you can only have your property listed with us if you use one of our solicitor estate agent member firms. With thousands of househunters visiting espc.com daily, and hundreds of thousands of property alerts sent out each week, you won’t find a better place to market your property.

Ready to get started? Find a solicitor estate agent near you.

* Properties marketed through ESPC member firms and non-ESPC member firms (agents) throughout June 2023 were recorded. Their Home Report valuation was noted against their subsequent selling price as recorded by Registers of Scotland by February 2024. The evidence shows that the average percentage of the Home Report valuation price that was achieved by ESPC member firms was 103% compared with 101% for non-ESPC firms. Find out the full details of our research