Sellers' prize draw winner Ross Gibson with ESPC's CEO Paul Hilton

ESPC are delighted to announce that Ross Gibson from Dunfermline is the winner of our recent home sellers’ prize draw! Ross is the lucky recipient of £3,000 to help with the associated costs of selling his home.

Following the success of ESPC’s first time buyers’ prize draws, a similar opportunity was offered to sellers in September. From legal fees to removal costs, it can be tricky to manage your budget when selling a property, which is why ESPC offered £3,000 to one lucky home seller.

Ross and his wife Kerry have a six-year-old son and five-month-old twins – it was the arrival of the twins that motivated the two to sell. Ross said: “Our current house has two bedrooms, so there’s five of us living in a two-bedroom house – the walls kind of feel like they’re closing in so it’s time to move onto something bigger.”

When asked about what size of property they would like to move to, Kerry said: “If we found the right one, a four-bedroom house would be amazing!” The plan is to find somewhere else in Dunfermline as their six-year-old son has started primary school there. The Fife town also acts a great midway point between Ross’ work in Perth and Kerry’s in Edinburgh.

This will be the couple’s first experience of selling a property. “The house that we’re in now is the first one we ever bought, so it’s our first time selling” Ross explained.
Ross found out about the prize draw through Facebook and as they were planning on selling their house, he decided to enter. When asked how he felt when he found out he had won, he said: “Brilliant but I didn’t really know how to react at first. When it sunk in, we were very pleased. It just so happened that we had an appointment with a mortgage adviser the next day so it all seemed to fall into place.” Kerry added: “It’s the best wee surprise you could get.”

Ross and Kerry plan to set the money aside to cover legal fees as it’s something they haven’t come across before, and they want to ensure they budget for it. The couple hope to move “as soon as possible” but think that January looks like the most feasible time to get their property on the market.

Congratulations Ross and Kerry – we look forward to finding out how you get on with your home selling journey!