My home: John Rutter

John Rutter, head chef at steak restaurant Kyloe, answers our kitchen and food related questions.

Head ChefLR

How would you describe your kitchen?

The kitchen at Kyloe is incredibly busy with limited space for the amount of food we produce as we also cater for The Huxley Bar and our private dining room. Therefore, we always ensure our kitchen is incredibly clean and organised and has the best use of space and a strategic layout. My team are very hard working and work under high pressure created by high demand which can be intense, particularly on Saturday evenings, but everyone concentrates on making every dish 100% satisfactory.

How did you first get interested in food?

I first got interested in food because my dad owned a bakers’ in Luton and it became my first weekend job. This gave me an insight into the ‘chef world’ and after school I took a cooking course which led to various placements and my first apprenticeship which was with the Hilton.

What's your essential kitchen gadget?

This is simple - a sharp, quality blade is easily my essential kitchen gadget. Without a kitchen knife, you’d be pretty stuck!

Your first food memory?

First food memory is my Nan’s toad in the hole, she served it wish mash and gravy. To date it is still the best toad in the hole I’ve ever had!

What's your favourite restaurant in Scotland?

I have a couple of favourites, we eat at Martin Wishart a lot which we love. There’s a restaurant called Braidwood’s in Ayrshire which we enjoy visiting on a day out. The best meal I’ve had away from work (of course) was at The Balmoral in No 1.

Favourite Scottish food?

My favourite Scottish food… I really love haggis! However, seafood is my favourite food and the langoustines and other shellfish harvested from Scotland are, in my opinion, the best in the world.

Any favourite restaurant you've eaten overseas or on holiday?

There are too many to choose from - there are lots of destinations where I’ve loved the cuisine. I really enjoy spicy food, so when we went to Thailand and the Far East I was in food heaven. Somewhere closer to home where I indulge in the cuisine is Turkey; Menemen, Kofte, Pide and Borek are just some of my favourite Turkish dishes.

Dinner at the table or in front of the TV?

Dinner definitely at the table.

What's your food guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is, not sure if I should be letting this out of the bag, haggis pakora from a well-known supermarket. My treat I look forward to when I get home!

Where would go for drinks in Edinburgh?

In Edinburgh I’d go to Teuchters, perfect after work on the way home as it is en route between the two.

Kyloe Restaurant and Grill, 1 - 3 Rutland Street in the West End, is offering a 'Big Beefed Up' Christmas menu.