Affordable Living - It’s good to share

Our Affordable Living event on Thursday 13th October sparked questions about affordable living and sharing the burden of home ownership.

If you feel it is time to think about a move onto or up the property ladder, but are a worried about unachievable deposits and lenders looking for low risk investments, then perhaps it's time to think about sharing the burden.

While there are many properties for sale via ESPC that are ideal for those with smaller budgets or first time buyers, there are other affordable housing options available. There is a range of affordable house buying initiatives from the public sector, such as Housing Associations, as well as from the private sector through new build developments which can help people move up the property ladder or secure their first home.

These shared equity and shared ownership schemes are well worth pursuing not only by first time buyers but also those on more modest incomes who, for a variety of reasons, need to upsize.  They could be just the thing to help you achieve your goal.

Find out more in our dedicted affordable housing section.