Only an ESPC solicitor estate agent can advertise via our comprehensive advertising packages. As the number one property brand in East Central Scotland it is the best place to advertise your home. To ensure that you will receive a high level of service, the majority of our firms have signed up to our Property Charter. Use our Find a solicitor search to find an ESPC Property Charter firm. You can expect to receive the following services:

Before the house goes on the market

  • Discuss current market conditions and price comparisons for similar properties.
  • Conduct a free market appraisal.
  • Tailor the marketing plan to reflect the strengths of the property and your aims in selling the property.
  • Provide a summary of your options including valuation, marketing plan and likely costs.

Marketing the property

  • Advertise the property with the ESPC.
  • Create property schedules that accurately reflect the qualities of the property to support the marketing.
  • High quality photography.
  • Properties will be described and portrayed in line with current Consumer Protection Regulations guidance.

Viewer/Buyer Relations

  • Respond within one working day to all requests for property schedules and any other enquiries from potential buyers.
  • Where possible, follow up every viewing to gather feedback from potential buyer and report back to the seller.
  • If preferred by the seller, provide accompanied viewing service when seller is not available or does not wish to conduct viewings themselves. The staff conducting the viewing will be knowledgeable about the property and able to handle questions from potential buyers.
  • Provide updates to the seller on progress of the sale on an agreed frequency (weekly, monthly or as required).
  • All client facing staff are trained in customer service or estate agency skills.