The importance of building surveys

The importance of building surveys

Building surveys are an important additional service which can provide great peace of mind. Before you buy your home for sale in Edinburgh or anywhere really, you should consider employing a building surveyor to ensure that there are no nasty surprises post-sale.

This week Greig Adams, Building Surveying Associate with DM Hall, speaks a little about just what a building survey is and why it is so important.

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Value of building surveys

The purchase of a house is the biggest financial transaction most people will ever undertake and the importance of being able to make an informed decision is paramount.

One of the most effective ways of obtaining the required assurances is to commission a Building Survey Report, which includes a description of visible defects and potential problems caused by hidden flaws, an outline of repair options, advice and details of serious risks and dangerous conditions.

While Home Reports by Chartered Surveyors provide concise information on the condition of a property, for the more discerning buyer a building survey provides an opportunity to receive a more comprehensive report into the property.

It is a service which is of particular value to people who are considering purchasing a larger, older or run-down property, or perhaps a building which is unusual or has been extensively altered.

Building Surveyors are allowed to comment on the condition of the property, outline areas of concern and propose resolution of these concerns. They can highlight issues with the building and identify potential problems in the future. It will cost more than a straight forward valuation, but this reflects the work involved.

However, fee scales are extremely competitive and will vary according to the size and location of the property. The Building Survey Report is a valuable additional service which provides the one thing that people are looking for - peace of mind.

269_Greig_AdamsbbbAbout the author

Greig Adams is a Building Surveying Associate with DM Hall Chartered Surveyors.

Greig will be on Twitter all afternoon on the 30 October tweeting from ESPC’s twitter channel so Tweet him @espc to ask any questions you have using the hashtag #DMHallHelp.

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