Self-employed, and wondering if you can get a mortgage? ESPC Mortgages’ David Lauder looks at what’s possible, and the criteria involved.

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, mortgages for the self-employed were commonplace – the only difference to an employed applicant’s assessment was certain documents required to evidence income. However, the pandemic caused lenders to tighten their criteria, to assess the effect on self-employed people and how sustainable their business is.

The good news is that mortgages for the self-employed are becoming more readily available. Different lenders will have different criteria, including required documents and your self-employed status, but the below gives a general overview of what to expect.

Sole Traders and Partnerships

Most lenders will want at least two years’ self-assessment tax returns showing level of income, along with an up-to-date tax summary overview. The golden figure they’ll refer to here is the Net Profit Figure, and lenders will, in most cases, work from the average of the last two years to determine your level of borrowing.

Limited Companies

This is assessed in a different way – lenders will still look at the last two years, but normally base figures on the client’s salary taken as a Director, coupled with dividends. Some lenders may consider salary with net profit instead, but you should seek mortgage advice to see what would be most suitable. Lenders will either use the last two years of self-assessment tax returns, or the last two years of business accounts, with a Chartered Accountant’s reference – the figures used must be no more than 18 months old.

Finally, a more regular feature of assessment for all self-employed applicants is that lenders will likely request the last three months of business bank statements to confirm strong trading, consistent with the figures provided.

To summarise, no case is the same, and different lenders will assess self-employed status in different ways. The experts at ESPC Mortgages can provide a useful guide to help you find the most suitable solution, tailored to your circumstances.

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