Andrew Kirkhope, from Lindsays Solicitors and Estate Agents, offers his tips on making your home more appealing to buyers.

spring interior

At the start of the year, many people are thinking about selling their property. First impressions are crucial and with a little bit of effort, attention and forward planning a seller can turn their property into an irresistible and desirable home for any purchaser and maximise their price. Here are five tips to add value to selling your home.

Create more space by de-cluttering

People accumulate lots of bits and pieces over the years which can make a space or room feel smaller. If you haven’t used it over the last two years, you probably don’t need it. So if you don’t need it then now is the time to either: (a) throw them out; (b) donate them to charity; or (c) store them neatly. In particular don’t leave books and CDs scattered about, clear the kitchen worktops and remove any extra furniture that could make a room or the house feel crowded.

Make it bright and beautiful

Give your house a spring clean and make it sparkle! This is one area where serious attention to detail is crucial: Wash windows inside and out, clean away cobwebs, dust the skirting boards, polish chrome taps and mirrors, clean out the fridge and deodorise it, clean-up tile grout and hang up fresh towels in the kitchen and bathroom.


Fix it!

Ensure buyers are not put off by any outstanding minor repairs: (a) replace cracked floor or wall tiles (b) fix leaky taps (c) replace light bulbs (d) refresh the front door - if its hashed and bashed repaint it and polish any brass work and (e) patch any holes and cracks in walls and ceilings.


First impressions count

Take a walk along your street and ask yourself ‘how does my house compare to others on first glance?’ To improve the kerb appeal remember to mow the lawn, repaint faded or flaking window frames, trim bushes, remove weeds and ensure potential viewers can clearly read the house number.
The devil is in the detail. Try to look at your home from a purchaser’s point of view.


No creatures, great or small

Although your pet may be an adored family member, not all purchasers are animal lovers. If possible, remove pets when you are showing your property and remove all evidence of animal smells, muddy paw-prints or grubby nose prints on windows and doors.

In summary, when selling a house first impressions really do count and remember a house which looks as though it lacks a little “TLC” will deliver a lower price.