The seller's traffic report offers information on traffic received by your property over the last 7, 14 and 30 days. Your report provides details on five key metrics:

Search Result views

The number of times a property is seen within search results.

Search Results Clicks

The number of times the property was clicked in search results

Clickthrough rate

The number of views of property details coming from search results (i.e. Search Result Clicks) as a percentage of the total number of Search Result views. Please note that this is not simply the total number of Property Detail views as a percentage of Search Result views as users do not have to come through search results to view properties.

As such, this figure gives you a clear indicator of the percentage of users who are seeing your property in search results and then opting to click through to view property details.

Property Detail views

The total number of times the 'property details' page relating to your property has been viewed. This includes clicks from search results and clicks from other sources, e.g. email alerts

Schedule downloads

The number of times your property schedule has been downloaded from

Home Report requests

The number of times users have requested a copy of the Home Report for your property from your selling agent through

Email leads

The number of times the Contact Solicitor form for your property was submitted to your selling agent.