The coastal scene of Largo Bay with its sandy beaches and golf courses, lying in the shadow of the old volcanic mound of Largo Law, forms an attractive setting for the old village of Lower Largo and its neighbours, Upper Largo and Lundin Links. Lower Largo is situated at the mouth of the River Keil and grew up as a herring fishing village and, later, as a manufacturer of fishing nets. Today, many fishing and pleasure boats can still be found in the harbour. To the West side of the pier is an attractive collection of fishing cottages and houses. To the East is the older part of the village. An attractive village centre backs onto the sea, and has a very unusual rivermouth harbour. The most famous person to come out of Lower Largo must be Robinson Crusoe. At 101 Main Street is a statue marking the thatched cottage where Alexander Selkirk, on whom the story was based, was born. The son of a shoemaker, he left for a life at sea but after a quarrel with the captain of the ship, he was put ashore for four lonely years on the deserted island of Juan Fernandez.

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