Haddington at glance*

Average selling price
Median time to sell
34 days
Average % of Home Report achieved
Most popular property type
2 bedroom house

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* Figures are based on properties marketed and sold through ESPC. Home Report valuations relate to properties where the Home Report was available on Figures relate to the 3 month period ending on 31/12/2020

ESPC solicitor estate agents market and sell a wide variety of properties throughout East Lothian. Haddington lies on the Great North Road, twenty miles to the east of Edinburgh. Though long bypassed by the A1, its position has, through history, meant it has served as a gateway to Edinburgh and to central Scotland.

The centre of Haddington is built attractively around the core of High Street and Market Street. This gives two wide parallel market areas, separated by buildings and a warren of wynds and lanes. The Mercat Cross is in High Street and the two streets come together at their western end on either side of the Town House. This was built in 1742 with some of the textile wealth that started to flow into the town, and its spire dominates many views of Haddington. It continues to be used today by East Lothian Council.

To the west of the Town House is Court Street. Here the wide street and grand buildings contrast strikingly with the earlier pattern of building evident in High Street and Market Street.

On the north side of Court Street is a collection of very fine buildings housing banks. Here, too, is Haddington's post office. This can trace its history back to 1603 when it was one of the very first post offices in Scotland, servicing the mail between the newly unified capitals of Edinburgh and London.

Whether you are looking for a house, flat, bungalow, apartment, new build or any other kind of property for sale or for rent, ESPC may have the one in Haddington that you are looking for.


Clarissa is a pupil from Knox Academy who had a 1-week work experience placement at ESPC in 2012 and lives in Haddington. We asked her to write about Haddington in her own words.

My Haddington by Clarissa

Haddington is located about 20 miles east from Edinburgh and nearby to other towns and villages such as Dunbar, East Linton, Tranent, Musselburgh and Pencaitland, they are all nearby and just a bus journey or a drive away. Haddington is very good for buses and there is a bus that comes at least every half hour or so to nearly where ever you want to go.

Haddington has many things to do to meet the needs and wants of different people such as sport clubs for all ages or social clubs. Or if you and a friend just want to hire out a hall and play some table tennis or anything of your choice then you can at the Aubigny sports centre (named after our 'Twin town' in France).

At the sports centre we have a swimming pool which anybody can go to. They also have a gym that you can attend if you are over 16 or if you go down on a Friday at a certain time for an hour then under 16s can try the gym too.

For anyone inspired by Andy Murray, Haddington has some tennis courts that are open all the time and anyone can use them if you take your own rackets and balls. Next to the courts we have a skate park which holds a 'half pipe' and some railings at the moment. Haddington is raising money to build a brand new skate park as the one we have at the moment is getting old and people use it almost every day so it will be really good when we get a new one for every one try out.

Haddington is full of history and has landmarks such as Hailes Castle which from the 14th century. It is 5 miles south of Haddington so just a short drive.  We also have a famous poetry writer that lived near Haddington called Robert Burns.  He has a well which is just on the outskirts of Haddington that you can go and see.

Other historical land marks are just as interesting as they all have a olden day story behind them such as 'Lady kitty's doocot' or 'Nungate bridge' where in the Victorian times people were hung from.

Behind all the historical stories just like any other town it has lots of different parks which are great for kids, shops and caf├ęs. We have two big supermarkets called Tesco and Aldi which are great as you don't need to travel anywhere far to get groceries and you have a choice.

There is so much more that I could say about Haddington like the schools are great and just recently a new school has been built. But the thing that I like most about Haddington is that I'm close to my friends, that there is lots to do and see. You will never get bored of it and even if you do it is just a short drive or bus journey to other great places like North Berwick, East Fortune or Edinburgh.