Property history for 24d Mugdock Road, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8PB

1 Bed Upper Flat with 1 Reception Room

Sale history

£93,500 in April 2018 284.8%

£24,300 in November 2012

Details from last sale

in April 2018

The property

Immaculate upper flat in superb location for access to local shops, public transport & amens. Sec door entry, rec hallway, bright lnge, mod ftd kit with appls, dble bedrm, contemporary shwr rm, exc cupboard/wardrobe space, may suit first time buyer, couples or those downsizing. Viewing a must. EPC-C

Energy rating C

Sold property prices

Marketed by

Ruthven Keenan Pollock & Co - Milngavie

0141 956 4647

18 Main Street, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 6BL


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