The importance of professional photography

Philip Stewart, head photographer at McEwan Fraser Legal, explains why good quality photographs are vital when selling your property.


With more and more people searching for properties online, professional photography is more important than ever before. To increase the chance of a buyer falling in love with your property at first sight, you need to impress them visually. Therefore hiring a professional photographer to take high quality photographs is a crucial way of marketing your property to prospective buyers.

Here are some of our pre-photography tips to help ensure that your property is seen at its very best by potential buyers:

Exterior excellence

The first impressions of your property will be from the outside. Gardens are a big selling point and it is vital that the garden is presented neatly and the grass has been cut. Remember to remove all dustbins, cars, trailers, children’s toys etc. from the driveway.

Make sure to declutter

Too much furniture and too many objects can make a room look smaller. This can distract potential buyers from the floor or worktop space. Once decluttered, your property will seem brighter, airier and more spacious straight away.

Depersonalise rooms

By depersonalising your property (removing family photos, souvenirs etc.), you create an environment where potential buyers can visualise themselves living.

Make your property dazzle

Windows will appear in most photographs. Clean windows are an appealing feature and let in a lot of light. The same applies to floors, splashbacks, sinks, taps, mirrors and tiles: they all reflect light when clean which therefore makes your rooms look bigger.

Comfortable colour schemes

Neutral shades for walls and floor coverings usually work best as they make a room seem brighter and more spacious. If you have bright colour schemes, go for light or neutral colours for your bedding and towels. For rooms with neutral shades, try adding a splash of colour on your dining room table by adding a bowl of fruit, a bunch of colourful flowers or some candles.

Overall, having an experienced professional photographer capture your home will mean you immediately catch the eye of buyers. They will make your property more appealing by offering different styles of photo that really show all the important and unique elements of each room, such as spiral staircases or grand fireplaces, whilst ensuring that they convey the size of the property. Remember, a good photograph can be the deciding factor between a buyer deciding to come visit your home or not. Make sure you get your photos taken by a professional photographer when you decide to sell your home to ensure you give yourself the best chance at achieving maximum interest and the highest selling price.