A 23-turbine wind farm proposal for West Lothian has caused a divide between a supporting community, their council and various opponents.

While it could be a source of long term benefits it could also be developed at the detriment of the views of the Pentland hills making properties with views of them in some way less valuable.

IBP Strategy and Research conducted an independent community survey which has indicated that more than half of Kirknewton residents support the plans for the Fauch Hill wind farm development.

Yae or Nae?

Kirknewton Community Council has gone with its residents and is showing its support for the new development. The incentives for having the wind farm installed include "community benefits" from the developers which would include 25 years of funding for development trusts, thousands of new trees and even a new visitor's centre for the Pentland Hills area; the area of which is at the centre of the debate by opposition parties of the development.

The opponents have argued that the development, which went before the West Lothian Council executive at the end of June, will spoil views of the Pentland Hills along with complaints from other opponents that there could be a potential destruction of the livelihoods of local small tourist businesses.

Councillors from the West Lothian Council made a formal vote against the application for the wind farm as it will have "unacceptable impacts" on the landscape and visual amenity of the Pentlands; this despite a similar poll in the West Calder and Harburn area showing more community support for the development.

The wind farm, which would have a 25-year lifespan, would produce enough electricity to power 42,000 households.

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