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We are looking to make some improvements to The ESPC Paper so that sellers receive a better product, buyers find it easier to find their perfect new home and readers are provided with more relevant and interesting content.

Clasified listings

There is one change in particular which we would like your opinion on - the classified listings.

Feedback suggests our customers would like to see more photos in The Paper.  Owing to the large number of homes advertised with ESPC it's unfortunately not possible to include a picture of every home every week as it would take the average weekly paper to a whopping 200 pages in length. However, to allow us to include more photos the following suggestion has been proposed:

  • Current: A 4-line paragraph describing the property.
  • Proposed: Replace the current description with a single line of relevant text and clearly display the number of bedrooms, public rooms and property type allowing the reader identify desirable property more easily.
  • Current: There is only a photo for a property in the first week of marketing.
  • Proposed: Include a photo every four weeks.

Below illustrates what the proposed change would look like (please note: property details are for example only).


Once every 4-weeks:

The other 3-weeks:




Tell us what you think

The proposed design still delivers the most important information for each property every week, yet will allow us to significantly increase the amount of property images within The ESPC Paper.

We would like to hear what you think about this idea.  Send your thoughts to

If you have any suggestions of comments on any other aspects of The ESPC Paper please just drop us a line - it would be great to hear from you!