We will settle for run-only

The Brewin Dolphin Edinburgh Touch Rugby league will soon be with us and this is a plea from ESPC for some help. For 2-years ESPC has supported this tournament and also entered a team into the beginners league. For 2 years we have finished last. In year 1 we had 11 losses and 1 draw. Year 2 saw a marked improvement to 11 losses and 1 win.


ESPC MOVERS 200 pix wideWe are looking to bring some fresh talent into our team to see if we can improve our fortunes. As the headline says, we are looking for anyone who can run, pass and catch a rugby ball. We are flexible on the running and passing bit. And to be honest, we had one player last year who spent most of his time hopping owing to a sore leg.


Before we say what we are looking for, here is what we offer:

  • A fun way to spend one night a week in a fun but competitive tournament.
  • A bright red ESPC Movers (snappy team name) t-shirt.
  • A team who focus on the fun a bit more than the competition.
  • An introduction to the great sport of Touch Rugby.
  • Training sessions before the league starts to bring you up to speed on the rules of touch.


ESPC Movers take part in the mixed team league. So at any time there are 3 men and 3 ladies playing and regular substitutions as touch rugby is a very intensive sport.


We are looking for guys or girls who fancy taking up touch rugby (if you have experience of touch rugby you cannot join the team unfortunately. If you have only played 15-a-side rugby that is ok and ideal) and would like to join the team. You could be part of the team that makes history for ESPC by winning at least 2 matches. Interested in joining the team? Please email marketing@espc.com.


If you have your own team and want to take part visit http://www.touch-scotland.com/


Brief Introduction to Touch Rugby

Dates: once a week between 2 May-19 July

When: Wednesday or Thursday night

Where: Broughton RFC off Granton Road

Matches: 10 minutes each way