As the pumpkin spice latte promotions begin to appear in your local coffee shop and you begin to notice the colour of the leaves changing from green to orange, you may think it is pointless to think you can still move home before the end of the year. It is a common misconception that the closer we get to the winter months, the property market shuts shop and goes into hibernation. 

Given the extremely active and very unpredictable market trends within the property market that we have seen post-Brexit, we are here to tell you that the autumn and winter seasonal months are still a booming time for selling and buying property!  

Fewer listings mean less competition  

There is simply not enough good quality stock available on the open market to meet the high level of demand from keen and ready buyers. With most sellers thinking the last part of the calendar year is a bad time to sell, we are here to let you know that fewer property listings mean that it’s easier to give your property’s advertisement more exposure and encourage competitive interest from serious buyers. 

A new home for Christmas 

Listing your home for sale in the autumn months gives you a very strong chance to agree an offer for your own property sale and be in your new home (purchase or rental) just in time to celebrate the holiday season. Typical trends with a date of entry with offers agreed are around 6-8 weeks from when your offer is accepted.  

Display the ‘year round beauty’ of your listing 

Remember the clocks change in the autumn, as we ‘fall back’ and the weather changing tends to give us quite drab and dreary days. Usually in these months your garden space isn’t always looking its best. Choosing a solicitor estate agent who works with professional photographers and marketing companies with state-of-the-art technology will ensure that your property’s advertisement displays year-round beauty with a blue sky promise. 

Warm and cosy is key  

It’s cold outside and the cost of living is rising but while you may want to save on your gas and energy bills, you also want buyers to feel comfortable in your property during viewings. Be sure to keep the heating on when you are carrying out viewings and, if you have a fireplace, showcase it with a cosy fire. Don’t forget about lovely throws and cushions to decorate the rooms! 

Be flexible for viewings  

You only get so much daylight during the autumn and winter months. Try to time the viewings of your property for when the sun is still shining. Choose a solicitor estate agency that can offer a full-service property package to include accompanied property viewings covered on your behalf so that you can take advantage of viewings during the daytime when you may be at work and/ or at the weekends, so that you can enjoy that precious time with family, leaving the stress and hassle of the viewings to the professionals. 

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ESPC magazine

This article appeared in the October 2022 issue of the ESPC magazine. Find out more about the ESPC magazine and read the latest issue online.