Does your kitchen need a bit of life injected into it?

Do you feel like cracked tiles, burned surfaces and worn worktops make your kitchen seem tired and dated? Why not follow these five simple steps to brighten up your kitchen this spring? If you’re thinking of selling, these steps could be the finishing touches you need to achieve the best possible price for your property as research shows the kitchen is an important factor for buyers when it comes to choosing the right property.

spring kitchen pic

To begin with…

It’s time to de-clutter. Take a plastic bag and go digging into the back of your drawers, cupboards and freezer and remove all those old baking ingredients, spices and tins of soup which went out of date years ago. Once this has been done, you’ll be amazed at how much more space you have than you originally thought!

Utilising storage space properly

If your stock of kitchen gadgets has mounted up over time, finding a way to store everything with your existing space can seem impossible. Building open shelves into any redundant space will allow you to openly display anything special you may have. Or, why not use the space underneath your lower level cupboards to put in a drawer – perfect for storing any children’s toys or artwork? Putting dividers into drawers seems like a simple suggestion but is actually a fantastic way to ensure all the small things have a home, leaving you plenty of space in the cabinet for your larger items. Finally, a set of hooks hidden in the roof of a cupboard which allows pots and pans to hang from will work wonders for saving you space in your deeper cupboards and drawers.

Making the most of what you already have

Although ripping everything out and starting again can seem like an exciting project, it can also be expensive and a bit of a disruption! Changing the appearance of your kitchen can be made simple by re-facing your worktops. Using wood, quartz or recycled glass which fit directly over old surfaces, and putting some new made to measure fittings on cupboard doors can instantly change the whole look of your kitchen, without the expensive price tag. If you have an island or bar area, why not update those chairs and replace them with something sleek?

Colour selecting

This is where you can inject a little bit of personality in to your home. Using bright, fresh colours, you can get rid of any old paintwork which has been around forever and explore something completely new. A fresh lick of paint in a kitchen can work wonders for covering up any splash marks or other marks that your kitchen may have gathered over time. Changing white worktops to black or wood, adding high gloss acrylic cabinet doors or painting your island unit in a bright pop of colour are all ideal ways of freshening things up.

Adding the finishing touches

Whether you’ve gone for something bold and bright or something a little more neutral, updating or adding little accessories around the kitchen can bring the whole room together. You can add a pop of colour to a neutral room by replacing old dishtowels, condiments containers, fruit bowls and vases with something bright and colourful. Replacing the splashback in the kitchen allows you to be decorative yet practical, without breaking the budget. Replacing old taps, drawer and cabinet handles or adding a built in microwave are all ways to change the appearance of your kitchen and freshen things up.


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