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For some, a new home’s garden is considered to be just as important to a house buyer as an office or a second bedroom. If you’re selling your home, you will most definitely be questioned about your garden by potential buyers; size, shape, lighting and noise are all commonly asked about.

So it is essential for any homeowner with a garden to pay particular attention to this area of the property because, if you’re really clever about it, your garden could do all the work and potentially sell your home for you.

Here are few bits of key advice on how to sell your house with your garden...


Prep the garden for visitors

It’s best to go through your usual ‘preparing for a garden party’ checklist before you have any house visits. This should ideally include nurturing and cutting the lawn, cleaning and polishing your garden furniture and trimming and pruning any hedges or flower beds.

Don’t forget to add a touch of style and comfort by placing a few cushions or a throw onto your garden furniture.


Take potential buyers on a journey

This idea of helping potential buyers to imagine using the garden is really important and can certainly help to sell your property in Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland.

Consider highlighting an area of the garden suitable for a bit of natural privacy, away from noise and nosey neighbours. This helps buyers picture their own private space, far from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life, something which can be very important for potential buyers these days.

If you have sufficient notice for selling your home, it’s a good idea to think about the finer garden details such as plants and flowers; wildflower meadows, herbaceous borders and small vegetable gardens are appealing to buyers, as are low maintenance and functional grassed, gravelled and paved areas.


Think of the children too

A large number of property buyers will either have children of their own or are likely to have children visiting at some stage. Gardens are again a driving factor for house buyers with children.

Areas of the garden with lots of textures such as furry or colourful plants, wind chimes and simple water features are popular with children and easy to point out when potential buyers come to visit.

Why not suggest an area for a child-friendly vegetable plot that the children can get involved with? Where possible it’s always beneficial to give children their own space in the garden as it allows them to take ownership of that area where they can develop personally and individually far from the pressures of growing up. Allowing a buyer to picture enjoying the garden with their children in this way will surely help you to make a sale.


Play to your advantage

If you live in a city it’s quite common to have a small, enclosed garden where you need to use what area you have creatively; here features such as decking and paving can help to promote the illusion of space.

Another thing to consider is the set-up of your garden; does your outside space promote an appealing outdoor lifestyle or is it just a sprawl of unkempt grass?

Garden furniture (even something as simple as a giant beanbag or futon) can make a huge difference here, as it helps to fill out the space and create an outdoor living area. Homeowners with basic, paved gardens could try buying a couple of colourful plant pots or large candles to brighten up the area.


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