Yesterday saw our first ‘Retirement Living’ event and we were somewhat anxious about how it would go.

We thought that bribing people to come in with the lure of free coffee, tea and not forgetting an all important biscuit might help but we're delighted to find the experts in attendance at the event were enough!

Our George Street showroom buzzed with exhibitors ready to talk about all aspects of retirement. There was a great mix of information and experts available to all.

Our new display arrived just in the nick of time for our showroom staff to effectively promote all of our retirement properties (they are normally kept in a big book behind our counter which isn't conducive to multiple people searching at the same time!). The display looked great even if we do say so ourselves!

If you know of anyone who missed the event but would love to know more then get in touch. Call 0131 624 8000 or email and we can put them in touch with the relevant experts.

Be sure to check out the events section of the website and keep an eye on our paper for news of any future events.

Here are some of the exhibitors:

Drummond Miller

Pagan Osbourne

ESPC Money Management



Balfour Wealth Management

Bright Care