As the weather gets warmer and the countdown to longer days begins, there’s plenty of inspiration to prepare gardens to take centre stage when selling your home this summer. Even a freshly painted front door and some attractive pot plants can make all the difference.

A garden is a big selling feature of a property and can be an extension to the home so make sure your front garden and driveway are presentable.

After the cold, wet and windy months, your garden is likely in need of some TLC so it is worth spending a day cutting the grass, trimming hedges, sweeping, tidying and pressure washing fences and patios.

Another way to keep your garden looking fresh for summer is by pruning your flowers and plants. While some shrubs and trees will happily grow unchecked, most require a little helping hand with a little cutting back or pruning. Pruning helps restrict the size or aids growth into a certain shape as well as encouraging the development of more fruit, flowers or stems.

A space for entertaining

Stylish garden furniture is a great way to brighten up a garden space and will allow potential buyers to imagine relaxing and hosting summer barbecues in the space.

If you have a smaller garden, foldaway garden furniture will maximise your space. Quick and easy to pop up when you want to enjoy an afternoon outside or host guests, a compact bistro table and chairs can be stored simply out of sight when not in use, keeping a smaller garden clutter-free. A hanging table will provide a petite tabletop, transforming a balcony for spring days and summer evenings.

Don’t forget about lighting – solar lights are a fantastic way to add some extra warmth and light to your outdoor space, without having to worry about extension wires or a garden power source.

Bring the inside out

Make your outdoor space as inviting as possible by adding outdoor rugs, cushions and throws. Layering garden furniture with ceramics, linens, cotton, metallics and glassware creates another space with a homely feeling.

Create zones

A great way to use garden space, however small or large, is by dedicating certain areas for specific activities. Aesthetic screening is a great way to create defined spaces while maintaining an open feel, ensuring vital space is not wasted. A seated or chill-out area can be sectioned off from a busy decked area used for entertaining and dining.

Balcony gardens

No matter what size your outdoor space, you can still enjoy the benefits of growing your own herbs and flowers. Potted plants are a great way to bring some life to balconies.

Why not play around with some brightly coloured pots to add a dash of colour, or you could experiment at growing some vegetables in a pot? Kitchen herbs grown close to the back door or kitchen window can be easily picked to add flavour to home cooking, while also enhancing the aroma of your garden. Mint, rosemary, sage and thyme can be grown all year round in British gardens. April is a good month to plant perennials, sow hardy annuals like marigolds and plant summer flowering bulbs like lilies and gladioli.

You could also experiment with upcycling things you already have in your home to be used as plant pots such as old plastic bottles or large jars.

Create a DIY garden bar

It’s important that potential buyers can visualise themselves living in your home – making memories with friends and family in the garden and soaking up the summer sun. Add a new dimension to your outdoor space with your very own garden bar to serve refreshing cocktails and mocktails.

A clever and inexpensive hack to save on a customised bar is to give a simple wooden potting table a crafty makeover. Requiring minimum DIY skills, simply choose your paint colour and grab your paintbrush. Be sure to give it a couple of coats and check the type of paint is suitable for outdoor use.

ESPC magazine

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