CameraThe photographer Terence Donovan once said  "The real skill in photography is organised skillful lying". While we would not advocate downright lying about the state of the home that you are selling (as it is against the law), attractive images are really important if you want to catch people's initial attention, encourage them to look at a property advert in more detail and, hopefully, come and view.

The photos are going to be the first impression a buyer gets of your home so the images that appear in your property brochure must captivate the viewer.  If there are lots of properties that meet their criteria, potential buyers will only visit the homes that they are the most attracted to. The pictures of your home must make it stand out from the rest. Good photos will get prospective buyers over the threshold. Bad photos will turn them away.

Some top tips for getting the best from a photographers visit:

  • Declutter!
  • Clean up before the photographer arrives so you don't waste time once they arrive
  • Open the curtains to let in light
  • Clear kitchen surfaces so they look as big as possible
  • Plump the cushions
  • Tidy toys away in to the toy box
  • Freshen up the front door
  • Tidy the garden
  • Plant up empty containers
  • Move the bin out of sight
  • Fix any broken fencing