Following a successful 2012, ESPC has re-committed its support to Libby Clegg for the next 4-years.

The sponsorship, which first began in 2012, will help pay for Libby's travel to up to 50 competitions all over Europe, as well as her training and living expenses between now and 2016.



On the horizon

Before she can think about Rio, however, Libby has her sights set on the World Championships in Doha in 2015 and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014.

Along the way and over the next four years, Libby, a 100m and 200m specialist, will have run nearly 1000km on the track and spent over 2000 hours in the gym.  And between now and Rio, she will also have got through 16 pairs of trainers and 8 sets of spikes.

However, Libby says one of her biggest bug-bears is how much washing she has to do! Running kit goes into the washing machine four times a week and she gets through over 200 packs of washing tabs a year.

Libby says:

"I am really pleased that ESPC has agreed to continue their sponsorship. It's going to help me with my travel and living expenses so that I can concentrate on my training.  Everyone at ESPC has been really supportive and there's a great connection because of the length of time they have stuck by me."

The connection between the ESPC and Libby first started when Libby did her work experience at the ESPC's property shop in her final year at school.

Malcolm Cannon, CEO of ESPC added:

"We've all got to know Libby well and want to see her continue to succeed. She puts a great deal of time and effort into her sport and is a fantastic example of the determination and effort needed to go out and win!

Whenever we have a staff event that involves Libby updating us on what she has been up to everyone tries to make sure they can come along as the sessions are always very interesting as we hear about the life of a professional athlete".


If you want to keep up to date on all things Libby visit on her Team Libby Facebook Page.