The latest blog from Paralympian Libby Clegg

Hi all!

I had been expecting November to be a return to the more normal life of training and recovering. However, it has not turned out that way. Here's what's been happening...


Training has been going well with the intensity increasing and my coach is gradually making things a lot harder. An example of a horrific set was on Monday where the training group I am in were running 6 sets of 250m sprints on three quarters pace.

We were meant to have 4 minutes rest between each set but I am sure our coach was including the sprints in that time. The intensity of each session is set based on a mix of distance covered, the pace we have to run at and the amount of rest between each set.

The tougher sessions have resulted in me being sick a few times. My training group is now back to a full count and it is great having everyone pushing each other.

Libby at Meadowbank


Off the track

Off the track there has been a mix of award evenings (I won the Haven Para Athlete of the Year at the scottishathletics awards, with the award presented by David Weir) and corporate days.

I had a great time at 3 schools with ESPC at the end of October and a managers day for Sainsburys.

This month the version of the London Underground map came out where each of the stations has been replaced with a Paralympic medallist. You can find a copy of the map on the Transport for London website.

At home

On the domestic front I have moved into a new flat in Loughborough and I am sharing with another athlete.

It was a bit stressful moving house as I had accumulated so much in my old place. Plus, by the end of November I will be the proud owner of a flat in Edinburgh with my boyfriend Michael.

It needs some work done but fortunately Michael is good at these things. Though the colour scheme has been left up to me. My training plan for next year is to split my time between Loughborough and Edinburgh.

As ESPC is my sponsor it was good to be able to report that I had bought one of the houses advertised on ESPC!

Get in touch

Any questions please feel free to contact me through Twitter via @libbyclegg or on the Team Libby Facebook page.


Chat soon and Have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year's!