Kids say the funniest things. Today we're sharing some of the entries that the kids from Livingston sent to us as part of recent Team Libby competition...

ESPC has been throwing their support into Team Libby wholeheartedly and one endeavour was to host a competition where five schools would win a visit from Paralympics champion Libby Clegg.

For one lucky school, there is a grand prize of £500 for new school sports equipment! The competition was simple, we asked school children from East Lothian and beyond to 'tell us about the area you live in' and they told us much more than we ever could have expected...

With Livingston turning fifty this year we thought we would share some of the entries we received from that area to celebrate. This is why 'Livingston is the best area' according to some very proud children who live there. We have quoted their entries as they were submitted to us so that they give you an authentic feel for those who wrote them.


Quotes from the kids!

Here are some quotes from the kids' entries to our competition on 'why my area is the best area'.

little boy writing2 (2)
"I think that you should move to livingston because, firstly the main attraction, the town centre. the town is amazing it is massive!!! It nearly fills up half of Livingston." - Gareth

"I am Robert. I tink Livingston have graet big parks with something that other parks don't. The paks have uder ground tunnles, swings that go like a aeroplane, monkey frame, climbing frame, flying fox and lols more…" -Robert

"Hi im Drew. I like livingston because Livingston is a beautiful place. You should come and visit some day. We have wonderful huge lochs and there are two primiry schools in livingston also we have great big clubs…" -Drew

"Livingston is a fairtrade town, and it's quite big. My street is called Balleutyne place, across from Oldwood place (where my friends live). My school is probably 300 metres away from my house, so quite close, but that was me guessing probably more…This year we're celebrating to 50th year of Livingston! Proves that livingston is quite old." -Cade

"Hi I'm Josh I live in livingston. I would like to tell you about our wonderful town and here we go. There are nice houses, there's great shops. You don't need to drive for miles to get to a shops…Its not just me who likes livingstone…in Livingston you get lots of good memories." -Josh

The competition has really highlighted how wonderful children think Livingston is and the entries we have received are hilariously witty and full of character. Keep checking back to our website for more updates on the competition and for the announcement of the final prize winners! If your child has something witty to say about the area they live in, tweet @espc along with your message and our #teamlibby hashtag!