This week paralympic athelete Libby Clegg, sponsored by ESPC, blogs about her adventures.

Another entertaining blog post from Libby Clegg...

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Hello again,

Since my last blog post it has been pretty much been full on training and not a lot else.

Circuits and high impact training!

Within my training group there has been a bit of competition to avoid being the first person to crash out on the pole vault mat.

Thus far Mikail and Coach Keith are the only ones who have been captured digitally after a session. The photos are on Twitter - Mikail and Keith. However, one day I was sick after the session from pushing myself so hard.

A typical session will start on the track where we will run 250m, have four minutes rest and run 250m again flat out. We repeat this three times. We then do some circuit sessions. Each circuit will be made up of a series of exercises.

You do as many of each exercise as possible for 30 seconds and move onto the next one. A circuit may involve: push ups, abdominal exercises, tricep dips, squat thrusts, jumping step ups, tuck jumps and arm action with weights.

Typically we will do a circuit three times in one session. This is high impact training where you do long periods of intense exercise followed by a short rest.

Away from the track

Away from the track I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh as part of National Braille Week.

I had the opportunity to meet up with my Braille teacher and share the funny side about me talking about Braille despite not being the best practitioner of this particular skill.

I also really enjoyed the school visit to Cramond Primary. The questions were as clever as ever and it was the first time I have ever spoken to an audience where everyone is dressed in a onesie.


The final good thing to happen recently was having my funding as a podium-athlete renewed for another year. This is great news and means I can focus all my attention on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the European Championships during 2014.

As ever if you have any questions please send them to me via Facebook on my Team Libby Facebook page.


Keep fit and write again soon!