Libby blogs again this month about what she's been up to and what's on the cards for 2014.

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Is it just me or has this year gone past really fast? It does not feel like a year since all the Paralympians and Olympians were coming together again for the 2012 Sports Personality of the Year Awards. But the calendar does not lie.

Looking at 2013 and into 2014

My highlight of the year was the two silver medals at the World Championships in Lyon. It was good to be back competing against my main rivals with each of us driving the others on.

However, the stand out for crowd atmosphere was definitely the return visit to the Olympic Stadium for the Anniversary Games. It was amazing to be back in that arena and I am looking forward to an even better atmosphere at Hampden Park for the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games is my main target for 2014 for two reasons. Firstly, this will be my first opportunity to run for Scotland at a major championship in front of a home crowd.

Secondly, I am going to see if I can qualify for the able-bodied events for the Commonwealth Games. This will mean taking my personal best to sub-12 seconds but I am confident that with the winter training and staying injury free it is a target I can hit.

Winter training is continuing and is going very well. There is a great atmosphere among the training group and everyone is pushing each other on. The training is hard but come the indoor season we should all start to see the benefits of the work we are putting in now.

Away from the track

I have been spending my time Christmas shopping, have had a trip to the cinema (Catching Fire) and the theatre (Billy Elliott).

With my limited vision I need to be sitting at the front and usually manage to keep a gist on what is going on through the dialogue and songs.

I was also invited to the St Andrews Day event at Downing Street where I had a chat with Ed Miliband about running.

Let's talk Christmas

ESPC fired some questions at me this month, so here is a festive insight into my world..

  1. Brussel sprouts – love or hate? Hate
  2. Where are you spending Christmas? In Edinburgh
  3. Do you stop training over Christmas? I will have the day off on Christmas Day but will be training every other day. I fly out to South Africa on the 2nd January for some warm weather training so no big plans for Hogmanay beyond the traditional hunt to find my passport.
  4. What is your New Year’s resolution? Not to have any
  5. What would be the worst Christmas present to buy you? Anything domestic.
  6. Who is the trickiest person you have to buy a Christmas? That would be my Mum as the traditional mum presents such as clothes or perfume are not her thing. However, I usually manage to find something that is just right.

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