This is the first blog post from ESPC-sponsored paralympian Libby Clegg. Libby will be blogging at least once a month and more frequently as the games approach.

Hi everyone, this is the fir­­st of my blogs for ESPC - many more to follow!

Running track in South Africa


In January, I went to South Africa for three weeks on a warm weather training camp with some of the athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic athletics squads. Whilst I was out there I had some fantastic training sessions, especially in my weight lifting programme which has seen massive improvements in my strength and power - it helped that the weather averaged out at 30 degrees, so I couldn't complain to have a January in the sun!  A typical day consisted of either circuits or weights in the morning and then a track or cardio session in the afternoon. My coach Keith Antoine, very bravely participated in all my cardio and circuits sessions which I do admire as he is getting a bit old now!


Unfortunately during the second week I aggravated my foot slightly and could not do any track sessions for that week. This was rather frustrating as I wanted to train but the physiotherapist and doctor have final ruling.  In total I had three "days off"to do the tourist duties.  Sadly, for the first two days off, I stayed at the hotel as I was really tired and as it was so hot I did not want the heat to have a negative effect on my training. However, I did manage to go to the Spire winery which had a cheetah and birds of prey sanctuary.  I held a black eagle which was really cool as I am normally terrified of birds!


When I got home my training continued as normal in Loughborough; slightly colder than how I remembered it though. Two weeks ago, I travelled up to Edinburgh for my launch with ESPC which was fantastic!  I am really proud to be working with such a positive sponsor of Scottish sport.  We had a photo shoot at Meadowbank sports centre with Edinburgh Rugby player Tom Brown whom I knew previously from training at the Scottish Institute of Sports' gym in the city centre.  I also got to wear some new running kit provided by ESPC which looks wicked! We finished the day off by visiting Trinity Primary School, which involved a Q+A session with the pupils - their questions were better than some journalists!

Team Libby Logo


Recently I was back up in Scotland for another school visit as part of Champions in Schools, a charity I have been working alongside with for a couple of years now.


Once again, I am looking forward to my partnership with ESPC as they will help me to achieve my London 2012 dream.  Watch this space…


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