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Life needs a great venue, never a truer statement.  Memories are so often tied to a location and evoke a certain sense of emotion and nostalgia – many of these taking place in the home.  Over a lifetime families, couples and friends share many fond memories in their home.  This home, which eventually they pass on, will allow others to make their own memories.   This concept is embraced in our latest advertising campaign which will be launched later this month.

According to analytics, the advert will be seen by 87% of the adult population in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife. Nine out of ten times, the average person from these areas will see the advert at least 14 times over the campaign which runs over 11 weeks.

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Neil Harrison, Head of Marketing at ESPC explains, “If you’re a seller you want as many as people as possible to see your property in order to secure that all important buyer. This major campaign aims to bring more house buyers to ESPC to see the great properties currently on the market. By keeping a high brand profile we continue to be where buyers look first when it comes to looking for a new home.”

Neil continues, “We’re delighted to say we can also prove that more people do come to ESPC as a direct result of our advertising campaigns. For example, when a TV advert is shown we immediately see an increase in visitors to, and our online adverts are clicked on more times compared to the industry average, in other words, our competitors.   Plus, over the last three years since we have been running large campaigns the ESPC brand recognition has increased to a level that is eight times greater than our nearest competitor.”

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The campaign starts on the 19th of August and you will be able to see it all over East Central Scotland including:

  • On STV East for nine weeks
  • Digital adverts on Princes Street, Edinburgh Airport and Livingston Centre
  • On taxis and buses
  • Billboards on key roads in Edinburgh, West Lothian and Fife
  • On Kingdom FM for five weeks
  • Over 50 press adverts across a number of titles including: The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, West Lothian Courier, i-On magazine, Fife Free Press, Dunfermline Press, Courier (Fife Edition)
  • We will deliver over 17.5 million online adverts targeted at people living in Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife or looking at content linked to these areas
  • Through our own marketing channels - our free weekly ESPC Paper and Premier Living Magazine, showrooms both in Edinburgh and Dunfermline and of course on

Look out over the next couple of weeks for more details and a sneak preview of the TV advert! For more information about selling your property contact your local ESPC solicitor.