Cosy sofa with some pillowsYou've just moved into your new rented home - it’s a great place with lots possibilities, but there is only one hitch, it's not quite to your taste. As you don't own the property, you can't just crack open the paint or rip up the carpet to make it feel like home. 

Decorating a rented house or flat

Your landlord has likely kept the décor neutral, which is good news. You have a base to build upon. You can add colour and texture in some very clever ways.

Swapping your landlords curtains and cushions with some budget-friendly options can add a bold statement splash of colour and warmth. You can also add some throws to finish off the look. Just make sure to store the originals somewhere safe!

You don’t need to break the bank as we have a wide variety of charity and second-hand shops all around Edinburgh, where you can pick up some bargains ready for use. Don't forget with a little TLC and some upcycling you can also make some key pieces stand out from the crowd. The best bit is that you can take these with you when you move.

Decorating inspiration for your rented flat

Not the creative type – check out some local businesses that might be able to help, such as  the team at the Edinburgh Remakery, or look on Pinterest for inspiration. Never be afraid to have a go, you never know what you might end up with.

Growing plants in a rented house or flat

A big trend that isn’t going away anytime soon are houseplants. Beautiful botanicals in chic and funky planters add a different dimension to any fashionable interior. As well as looking great they can also provide health benefits - cleaning the air that you breathe and contributing to mental well-being.

Not green fingered? There are plenty of house plants which can take a fair amount of neglect, our top pick is Aspidistras. Don't forget it you have an outdoor space, a small balcony or even a windowsill, can benefit from a plant, flower or even herbs and vegetables!

Things to remember when decorating your rented flat

It may be easy to get carried away, so be careful not to make any changes that could affect your deposit, you can do quite a lot without causing damage. New products are being created all the time from removable wallpaper, to Velcro command strips, and vinyl tile transfers. Always make sure your landlord is aware and happy with any changes, even those that are temporary.

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