Spending more time in the house may have motivated you to give it a deep clean, so here are some of our top tips on spring cleaning your home to help you out.

Spring cleaning

Make a list

Before you start, it’s worth making a list of all the things that need done in each room. It’s sometimes easy to neglect doing the jobs you don’t like (e.g. cleaning the oven) but if you’ve made a to-do list it can act as an extra motivator to ensure you get everything done.

Plan out your time

If you like to blast through everything at once, try and devote a few days in a row to spring cleaning. If you’d prefer to spread it out a little, block out a couple of afternoons each week to get one room done at a time.

Get the supplies in

Before you start, make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you need in the home, such as cloths, bleach and cleaning fluids, bin bags and others. Running out of supplies half way through cleaning a room is a perfect excuse to give up and not complete the task.

Of course, there are household alternatives that can be used in place of cleaning products if needed, such as white wine vinegar, baking powder, rags made from old clothes and many others. A quick Google reveals countless cleaning hacks and alternatives to cleaning products.

Listen to a podcast

Cleaning your house is the perfect opportunity to listen to a podcast radio show or music playlist. It will make the work seem to go much faster. Plus, without our usual daily commutes to work, we’re probably all missing being able to indulge in our favourite podcast right now.

Clean from top to bottom

With each room, try and work from top to bottom, as while you’re cleaning dirt will fall from the higher surfaces onto the floor.

Donate any unwanted items

There’s a strong chance that spring cleaning your home will result in you digging out many household items that you no longer need or want. Rather than throwing these in the bin, consider donating them to charity.

ESPC’s charity of the year, Fresh Start, helps people who have been homeless get established in their new home. As part of their support efforts, they provide people with starter packs of essential household items and rely on donations in orders to do.

Due to the current social distancing measures, they can’t accept donations at their warehouse in North Edinburgh and are buying all these items to continue providing starter packs to those in need.

However, once the current restrictions are lifted and they can accept donations again, they will need them in order to keep helping members of the local community. So, store your unwanted household items in a cupboard and consider donating them to Fresh Start when they are able to accept them.

Find out more

Find out more about Fresh Start and the work they do for the local community

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