We asked ESPC staff "What chores do you do around the house to get a workout?" and they revealed some great activities to us!

In the spirit of the upcoming games and the Leisure Club giveaways we decided to ask the staff at ESPC what they did to keep fit around the home. Chores can be a real downer but according to the staff at ESPC, they can be a great way to burn those calories!

Watch our video

Watch the 'home video' below to see how what chores the staff do to get a workout at home. There are some great replies!


Burn those calories at home

Here are some activities and how many calories you can burn doing them per hour!

Activity Calories burned per half hour of activity
Cleaning 100
Washing windows 150
Digging in the yard
Washing your car
Scrubbing the bath 200
Making beds 130
Dusting 50


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