Is Father's Day more than just a marketing gimmick? Our resident dad, Neil, looks into it.

I had always thought that Father's Day was created as a marketing gimmick by the Associated Menswear Retailers to sell more of their product. According to the source of all things non-property related, Wikipedia, it is in fact "a celebration honouring fatehrs and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fatehrs in society" that was started by Grace Clayton in 1908. It was only in the 1930s that the sellers of socks and ties decided to up the stakes. If only the Scottish Whisky Association had been around at the time, Father's Day could have been much more rewarding for dads.

That is one of the joys of research; challending misconceptions and identifying opportunites. One thing which ESPC research has highlighted is that fathers as a group have been very successful in taking themselves out of the leading role when it comes to looking for a new home. The profile of visitors tot he ESPC showroom ad the website has females in the majority. Plus, speak to any of our member solicitor estate agents and they will tell you that it is the wife/girlfriend who does most of the property searching and the husband/boyfriend tends to get involved once the shortlist is in place. The lady does the ground work and the gentleman is brought in when as opinion is needed on the shortlist.

While this approach does free up time for other activities such as sports or enhancing your thumb muscles on the remote control, it does mean there is a missed opportunity. In being presented with a short list, a filter has already been applied. That home with a view onto the pitch at Easter Road, the one with the low maintenance garden or the one close to where your friends live might not make it onto the shortlist.

Gents, the answer is simple; you need to get involved in the search process. Take control of the keyboard, grab the mouse (or wait until the lady of the house has finished) and create your own shortlist. Find the house that you think is perfect. If you crace the maintenance-free garden or the home with a small room with just enough space for a comfy chair and TV, make sure these are accounted for. It all starts with the simple words "let me help with that". If nothing else the extra effort will be appreciated and for Father's Day you might be looking at a nice jacket or a new piece of sports kit, rather than a new supply of socks.