ESPC, property marketing leaders in East Central Scotland, has created a new campaign in house and with the creative department at STV to promote changes to our website.

The campaign will run for 10 weeks across STV Edinburgh micro-region, bus advertising and bill boards, as well as through the website, the ESPC Paper and showrooms.

The campaign looks at how ESPC could have built to meet the needs of users if more off-the-wall suggestions had been made.

Neil Harrison, ESPC marketing manager, said: "When we started the project to rebuild our first action was to ask our users what they wanted changed. The site itself has been named 'Joe' in view of so much of the site being a result of Joe Publics feedback.

"The comments we received were grouped into three broad categories; make the site quicker, easier and smarter. Our in-house IT team and Gecko New Media worked to achieve this. Subsequent feedback has been very positive and we are continuing to make changes to the site based on user feedback.

"ESPC is in a market place where there are a number of competitors who operate on a national basis. While we cannot compete with them head-on, our aim is to maintain our market leading local position by responding to the needs of our customers, building a strong local presence and continuing to help people sell their homes. The campaign reflects these aims."

The advert can be viewed here.