Buying your first property can be a daunting prospect. Not only will it have been one of the most important decisions you will have made in your life this far but it will also be the most expensive; apart from the emotional and financial commitment, perhaps, of getting married and having children!

Parents, grandparents, friends, work colleagues and the pub bore will all offer advice on what to buy, when to buy it, how best to pay for it and all will have examples of the good old days and, likewise, tales of woe about deals gone bad.  All of this makes for great entertainment but it is not the best preparation for such an important journey.

First time buyer advice - unconfused

A calm and measured approach

What you need, instead, is a calm and measured approach from a smart, experienced and understanding professional who can hold your hand through the whole buying process, connect you with the right people and be available from beginning to end. Like an old trusted family friend – the one that was probably called ‘Uncle’ even though he was not related.  That is where ESPC steps in.

Jaime FTB

You'll know when the time is right

Whether you have been living with your parents, renting with friends or renting on your own, when the time comes for you to buy your first property you will know.  The desire to invest in your own place as opposed to investing in your landlord’s property, the dream of doing somewhere up to your own taste and the realisation that actually, once bought, owning is probably cheaper than renting, all come to a head and you spring into action!

What to do first

So what to do first? Come and talk to us. We have showrooms in Edinburgh and Dunfermline city centres with staff that have been doing this for years. We will listen to what you want, suggest areas you may wish to look at and discuss what you might be able to afford to pay. And we will not hurry you.  We will arrange for an independent financial adviser to talk to you about mortgages, to de-mystify this whole area and explain how you borrow money to buy a property.  We can arrange appointments to go and see houses or flats currently for sale, help explain what to look for and then, if you don’t already have one, arrange for a lawyer to handle all the necessary paperwork. And all along the way, everything will be explained in simple terms so that you are not bewildered by language or surprised at any of the costs associated with buying your first property.

FTB advice table

ESPC can say with some confidence that we have handled more first time buyers in this region than anyone else.  And we remain the trusted ‘Uncle’ that everyone seems to turn to.



Malcolm Cannon, Chief Executive at ESPC, looks at the strategic direction of the company, ensuring strong communication and relations are maintained with ESPC's  member solicitor estate agents. Malcolm often talks to the press and the public on property news and developments and you will often find him speaking at ESPC events.