The short answer is yes. Read on for more information.

The seller of a property must have a Home Report before marketing starts (unless the property is exempt from requiring a Home Report). The following information is taken from the Scottish Government's website pages that cover Home Reports:

The person responsible for marketing the house must posses the Home Report as soon as the house goes on the market (source:

A house is on the market when the fact that it is or may become available for sale is, with a view to marketing the house, made public in Scotland by, or on behalf of the seller. A fact is made public when it is advertised or otherwise communicated (in whatever form and by whatever means) to the public or a section of the public'. (Source:

If a buyer requests a copy of the Home Report, the seller or their agent has 9 days to provide them with a copy (unless they believe the requester could not afford the property, is not genuinely interested or is a person to whom they would not sell the home). These 9-days do NOT mean that a property can go on the market without a Home Report and be ordered once a request has been received.