ESPC 'Life needs a great venue' competition announcements...

Our ESPC 'Life needs a great venue' competition winner announcements...

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ESPC has been celebrating it's 'Life needs a great venue' campaign all through September and into October with competitions. Finding your great venue through a property in Edinburgh or anywhere else in East Central Scotland couldn't be easiert th

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Below we announce the winners from our Blogger & Community run competitions where the public could enter an ESPC sponsored competition to win £150 worth of high street vouchers. Find out who won below...


Win with Miss Smidge & ESPC

Miss Smidge
is a fabulous local blogger from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Miss Smidge kindly hosted one of our ESPC 'Life needs a great venue' competitions and she has picked a winner.

This is her announcement message...

"My favourite comment is from Katrina Walker (comment below) as it reminds me so much of where my husband and I are at right now with our new flat! I know that feeling of finally getting a new place to live. It also fits well with the competition theme and was the most appropriate answer!"

Katrina's winning competition entry:

"I’ve loved all the flats I’ve lived for different rooms and reasons but there is one moment that stands out above all others….

My husband (then boyfriend) and I bought our 1st flat about 10 years ago in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. It needed completely gutting (false ceilings and walls removed, new kitchen, all the decoration) and I don’t think we had realised what we’d taken on! We spent a month ripping everything out after work and at weekends, had bought the kitchen, lined up a plasterer and while we thought we could scrub down the bathroom and make do until we’d saved up some more money, it couldn’t be cleaned (without going into too much detail, the smell wouldn’t go away). We borrowed the money and lined up the plumber too. It turned out that the room we thought would be the last to do would be the first completed.

After 3 months of spending every spare minute trying to do as much as possible ourselves to save money, we finally moved in just before Christmas. There were unplastered walls, boxes and the kitchen stacked in corners, dust everywhere we turned despite spending an extraordinary amount of time cleaning. We painted our new bathroom immediately that weekend.

So my memory is that first Saturday night in our first flat, my husband had bought a bunch of red roses that were sitting in a vase in the window, lit a candle and run a bath for me. I closed the bathroom door, pretended that the rest of the flat was completely finished and all the stress melted away.

The room looked just the way I wanted it and I had the biggest smile on my face. It was a little triumphant moment where I was so pleased we had gone to all the effort so far (we could do this!) and it was going to turn out as a lovely place to live."



alisonWin with ESPC & Alison from Her Indoors

Alison is a lovely interiors blogger based in Gullane, East Lothian in Scotland. Alison has a good history with ESPC from sharing her quirkly home with us in our Her Indoors blog post and also helping us organise our 2012 White Christmas photoshoot which her husband Douglas photographed for The ESPC Paper.

Alison is hosted our ESPC 'Life needs a great venue' competition, Win £150 of High Street Vouchers with me & ESPC!, and she got some great responses to her question.

Alison asked Lisa Venter, ESPC Paper Editor, to choose a winner. This is what Lisa had to say about the winner.

"My favourite comment is from Caroline Hitchen. She told a most beautiful story of her son being born! It brought a few tears and was a great entry. A well deserved winner!"

Caroline's winning competition entry:

"Favourite place – our sitting room which opens out onto the garden – it’s a place to relax with the family. At the end of a busy day we can sit and chat with the children, maybe read a book, listen to music or just enjoy the view of the garden.

Favourite memory – in 2000 we’d been living in the house a year and spent the last few months making it into our ideal family home. Baby number three was on the way and ended up being born in the sitting room on a warm July night with a velvety sky and bright moon.

It was all very quick but also very calm and in the morning it could almost have been a dream until I stretched over to kiss my newborn son bundled in the bed between me and my husband. Fraser recently turned 13 and is always happy to hear about his ‘birth’ day and it makes our home even more special to our family. The only thing our sitting room is missing is a ‘real’ fire – maybe one day we will move but we will be sad to leave this house in which we have experienced all the joys of family life.

My dream house on ESPC would be Columba, Marine Parade, North Berwick. It has that all important period fireplace in the sitting room – as well as amazing views of the beach and Bass Rock – and looks like it would make a great family home."