My home: Tobias Persson

Swedish comedian Tobias Persson, whose show Drivel Rights Movement is at The Stand, on the joys of London flats and watching himself on telly.


What’s your earliest memory of a house?
Probably my mothers womb. A spacious warm bungalow near water.

Where would be your dream place to live?
See above. Or in a small house in Spain. Nice wine, the sun, a local donkey and me getting up at 2 pm trying to write jokes.

Do you have a favourite building in Scotland?
The monument on Princes Street - predictable perhaps but it is a spooky, haunting building. That or any pub on Rose st.

A favourite place you visited on holiday, such as a hotel or villa?
We rented a very nice house in London a few years back, complete with mice and everything. Still dream about it.

How would you describe your home?
A nice flat in Stockholm with triple glazed windows (I know- science fiction!) lots of books, toys and way to little haggis.

What’s your favourite home smell?
When it´s clean. Ah, that takes me back a bit…

What do you miss about home if you are away for a while?
My piano, ukelele and my kids. Oh, and my wife of course. Phew.

Do you have a favourite room in the house?
I like sitting in the living room and play the piano which - ironically- is not my family´s favorite thing.

How are your DIY skills?

When was the last time you worked on your garden?
I don´t have a garden so can't relate at all to this abstract question. But I like the idea of gardening and making things grow slowly. A bit like meditation, which I´ve never tried either.

Dinner at the table or in front of the TV?
Table, every time. I don´t watch telly (unless I´m on it myself, then it becomes VERY IMPORTANT)

What’s your favourite thing to cook for the home?
A dish from Iceland, given to me by my mother in law. (It involves fish and vulcano ashes)