Getting to know Greig Laidlaw

Get to know Greig Laidlaw before he competes in 'Legends of Darts'.

Grieg Laidlaw will be competing in Saturday's 'Legends of Darts' tournament. ESPC gets to know him a little better and asks him to talk about the differences between living in Edinburgh and the borders and some top tips for those visiting Edinburgh...

Catch Greig in action

You can catch Greig competing at the Legends of Darts Competition, here are all the details

When: Saturday 26th October 2013 from 6pm

Where: Edinburgh Corn Exchange

Booking: Either tables or individual tickets

  1. Reserved tables of 10 with table service available, find out more by contacting 0131 346 7240 or 07733886566 or alternatively 07808253603
  2. Individual tickets for unreserved seating areas through


Getting to know Greig

My name is Greig Laidlaw and I play rugby for Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland.  I came to Edinburgh when I first started playing for Edinburgh rugby and have lived in a few different areas of the city.  My favourite areas being Roseburn and Murrayfield as these were well situated for me to get to work when I lived in Edinburgh, it also made for easy access to the city centre and there were also some nice little shops in the area.

Quick fire Q&A

ESPC: Do you live in a flat or a house and why do you prefer living in one or the other?

Greig: I currently live in detached house in the borders but I lived in a flat in Edinburgh.  I enjoy being back in the borders where I have my own garden more space.

ESPC: Can you tell us a little about your home?

Greig: My current house has 5 bedrooms 3 reception rooms.  My favourite feature would be the log-burning stove I have just had put in my garden room.  My wife is from the area and we have lots of family and friends nearby also it is near woodland and hills which great for walking the dog.

ESPC: Tell us a little about the area of town where you live in and why you enjoy living there.

Greig: You could call me a country lad as I do prefer it to city living.  I like living in a small town as everything you need is nearby.

ESPC: What makes Edinburgh the perfect city for you?

Greig: Edinburgh is a beautiful city and has everything you need but at the same time it is not as big as other cities and is easy to get around. I think Edinburgh is a great city as I have said it's not a huge city but it has everything you need and it has some great history and beautiful landmarks.

ESPC: Can you give us a few of your top picks of places to visit in Edinburgh?

Greig: My Top picks would be as follows...

  1. Favourite pub - Sisters as it has a great sporting atmosphere
  2. Favourite restaurant Dusit Thai onThistle street has a great atmosphere and brilliant food
  3. Favourite place to shop - I would say John Lewis or House of Fraser as I can get everything under one roof.

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