Why is Edinburgh so awesome?

Looking into why Edinburgh is well known for more than just it's weather.

When you search 'Why is Edinburgh...' in Google Search, your auto complete may come up with 'Why is Edinburgh so rainy?', 'Why is Edinburgh so windy?' and other horribly weather related terms. So, we're taking a cue from our friends over at Forth Radio to try and get the term 'Why is Edinburgh so awesome?' to win over Google's negative take on our amazing city!

Once you've read through our blog post, simply tweet the link to it along with the phrase 'Why is Edinburgh so awesome?'

Let's all get together and show that Edinburgh is not all about this...

not about this

ESPC Paper Editor Lisa Venter looks into why Edinburgh is well known for being awesome and why it has more to offer than just a reputation for bad weather...


Twitter thinks we're awesome

Over the past few days, 'Why is Edinburgh so awesome' has become a trending topic for twitterbugs everywhere. Here are a few top tweets to demonstrate said point...

I don't wanna go home. Edinburgh is awesome!

— Sarah Punshon (@RandomDaisies) July 25, 2013


@craig92reid Edinburgh is awesome and that's coming from a English person Hahahahaha :)

— Ameliarose Newman (@TheIncaPrincess) July 29, 2013



— Gate Theatre (@gatetheatre) July 27, 2013


Edinburgh Scotland chillin'. This place is awesome

— Joe Saunders (@Jose_Saunders) July 27, 2013

We're trying to change this auto-complete on Google. Search for "Why is Edinburgh so AWESOME" and see if it works. pic.twitter.com/NcXoatbr76

— 97.3 Forth One (@forthone) July 30, 2013


Property in Edinburgh is awesome

Yes, we may be biased but this really is a fact! ESPC is No.1 for property in East Central Scotland and that includes Edinburgh. Property in Edinburgh ranges from new build, modern flats to tenement flats and historic town houses. With House Price Reports steadily showing slight improvement month on month, this Scottish Capital is setting a great trend for the local property market.

For more on amazing properties in Edinburgh, search our website espc.com of course.



Deep fried everything

From deep fried pizza to deep fried mars bars. Edinburgh is awesome because no matter your craving, it can be fried!

deep fried

Edinburgh International & Fringe Festival

Comedy, dance, drama and film come together in a spectacular fusion every year proving once again that Edinburgh is awesome! For a magical month mid-year, people come from all over the UK and the world to marvel at the arts and culture overload that Edinburgh explodes with during the festival period.

You also get to see lots of actors doing this up and down the streets for a full month...

fest 1

Image by: Stephen Finn / Shutterstock.com

You get to see...

Views like this...


and this...


And once or twice a year, this spectacle!


Irn Bru on tap

Lastly and like nectar from the Gods, Irn Bru is fantastically fizzy and its orange, sticky sweetness can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night! Although readily available all over Scotland, Edinburgh is awesome because you can pretty much drink it on any occasion!

Oh and a white Christmas in Edinburgh wouldn't be Christmas without the Irn Bru advert playing on repeat...

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Lisa Venter spends most of her time at the ESPC office on George Street managing The ESPC Paper, engaging with fans and followers via ESPC Facebook and ESPC Twitter channels and looking at as many fancy new houses in Edinburgh on espc.com/tablet that she can during her lunch break. Watch out for more of her blog posts on other topics in the future.