Clowning around for a good cause!

malcolm - quiz masterThe ESPC Quiz

Last month ESPC held its annual charity quiz night which saw 150 staff, members and suppliers through the door of the Ghillie Dhu for fun night and raise money for charity in the process.  This year's nominated charity was the Clowndoctors, an arm of the Scottish arts-in-health charity Hearts & Minds.

About the charity

ESPC team.Hearts & Minds aims to improve the experience of people in hospital and in hospice, residential and respite care by using the performing arts to encourage communication, interaction and laughter.  This is achieved through two specialist creative programmes; The Clowndoctors, who work specifically with children, and The Elderflowers, who work with elderly people with dementia.  Hearts &Minds raise smiles all across Scotland, from Inverness down to the Borders!

busy venueHow much we raised

An impressive total of £2000 was raised from the event.  The competitiveness soared throughout with the evening with the added option for teams to 'buy an answer' (£5) and use a 'joker (£10) to give them double points for the round, all in order to claim the title of ESPC Quizzer of the year which went to Blackwood Smith, an ESPC member firm!

What the money will buy

Mousse 3Magdalena Schamberger, Hearts and Minds Chief Executive and Artistic Director commented, "I'm delighted that the ESPC team shares our commitment to reach and engage with sick, disabled and vulnerable children. Their support of our Clowndoctors programme will allow Dr Mousse (aka Rachel Colles) to raise smiles with even more children and make what is a very difficult and confusing time for many, a little less scary. Rachel is a senior practitioner at the Sick Kids hospital and ESPC's support will pay for her to deliver 15 days work to the hospital - which is almost two months' worth of visits since we go there twice a week."

jazMalcolm Cannon, ESPC CEO commented, "The Clowndoctors have been a pleasure to work with and it's such a worthwhile cause.  As they are a small, local charity it is great to see first-hand how the money will help improve the hospital experience for sick children.  We are looking forward to hearing how Dr Mousse gets on at the hospital over the next two months, and sharing this with all the people who helped with the fundraising at the event."

Thanks to everyone who took part and for being so generous with their donations.  Same time, same place next year!

Find out more about the Clowndoctors.