Celeb advice from Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton offers some advice between filming various TV shows including the upcoming, Beat my Build.

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Laura Hamilton: Photo credit to Lion Television Scotland

Meet Laura

Laura Hamilton, currently one of the faces of Channel 4's A Place in the Sun has a new show airing on C4 in September called Beat my Build.

She also presents Fort Boyard for ITV, you may occasionally see her presenting out on location on Daybreak or even recognise her, as she describes in her own words, as “the adrenaline junky-dare devil who was runner up on Dancing on Ice 2011!”

Here ESPC Paper Editor, Lisa Venter, asks Laura some property-based questions and Laura offers some valuable advice to readers through her answers…

Celebrity advice

Can you explain your background in renovation and what you love about transforming properties?

I bought my first place at 19 as I wanted to get on to the property ladder as soon as I could. It was tough as all my friends were going to Uni.

The property had been previously owned by an older lady so needed some updating. After I did it up I thought it would be a good idea to rent it out and move back to my parents to save another deposit and do it again. I've never looked back.

What is the number one thing you look for when searching for a new property to convert?

It's too hard to pin point one thing. There are lots of factors to take in to consideration. Location, purchase price, potential sale price and demand are just a few.

What top three tips do you have for ESPC website visitors who are considering taking on a renovation project of their own?

Keep on top of your budget with a spread sheet monitoring costs as you go. Develop a good relationship with your builders and make sure they are on the same page as you.

Don't become emotionally attached if you are planning to sell it on!

What sort of value is there in home renovation?

I love turning an old wreck in to something really special. You can make a property your own, increase room sizes and if you are clever add value and make some money.

home sweet home

Do you think that renovation has to cost a lot of money?

You can pick up some brilliant materials from online auction sites to save money. Labour is generally where the most money will be spent so if you are skilled enough to do the work yourself then you can really keep costs down.

However if you aren't proficient enough, don't do the work yourself as no one likes dodgy DIY!

Do you have any specific advice on buying or selling property?

It's always good to be able to buy and sell when you are chain free. It can make transactions less stressful and as a buyer it means you are in a stronger position to negotiate.

If you are selling, consider moving in to rented accommodation to make yourself chain free!

More from Laura Hamilton

My forth series of Fort Boyard will be on ITV in October and my new series Beat my Build will be on C4 this month. I'm occasionally on Daybreak and I'm filming A Place in the Sun later this month and throughout all of next year.

I also have a blog with Hello magazine online where you can read all about what I am up to! In the meantime here is a clip from Dancing on Ice!