The Edinburgh Conveyancers Forum has introduced a style of offer which it is hoped will be used by most Solicitors in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. The aim of the Standard Offer and Standard Clauses is to simplify the conveyancing process with a view to achieving 'conclusion of missives' quicker, to the benefit of both the buyer and the seller. Once missives have been concluded there then exists a legally binding contract upon which either party can sue the other to carry out his or her part of the bargain.

The form of Standard Offer and the Standard Clauses are designed for use with residential property and should not be considered for other types of property such as shops or offices.

It is hoped by the member firms of the Edinburgh Conveyancers Forum that the introduction of the Edinburgh Standard Offer will result in the process of conclusion of missives becoming much more straightforward with few of the inherent delays that were involved under the old system.

The speed and ease of conclusion missives (and clauses with which both the solicitor and the client can become familiar) are enormous benefits. Edinburgh now has the tool to make this a reality.
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