Will they, won't they - it's yet to be decided. But if they are introduced what are the implications for the city?

It was announced this week that work on the Edinburgh tram's line is to get back underway but this will result in Princes Street being closed for ten months (from June 2011 to May 2012). Some members of the ESPC marketing team were actually rather happy to hear the news. It means that the buses stop right outside our George Street office and saves a few minutes walk each day (not that we are lazy you understand!)

But, perhaps even more amazingly, it is still not clear whether the trams will actually reach Princes Street! We've heard that tram bosses are discussing taking the line only as far as Haymarket, rather than running to St Andrews Square as had previously been reported. Unsurprisingly cost has been the contributing factor in these discussions but it's not quite clear how much the tram's are actually costing or if running this part route will even be profitable!

What are your views on the trams? An unnecessary waste of time or a step in the right direction for enhancing Edinburgh's cosmopolitan mix? Do you think that the trams will have any influence on people moving in to Edinburgh and viewing it as a new home destination?