Angela Connery, Estate Agency Manager at Beveridge & Kellas, gives her advice on how to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

They say, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and I totally believe this to be true. 

Buying a property comes with great emotional weight and will perhaps be the biggest financial commitment anyone will make so try to stand out and capture their interest as soon as they walk over the threshold. 

Make sure it is clean 

Enhance, clean, tidy, de-clutter, cut the grass, repeat all these things can make a world of difference on the amount of interest and in fact any offer to follow. Surely the more people who would love to buy your property the better it will be in the long run. Have them fall in love with your décor and soft furnishings – even though these things are not being left in the sale it’s you showing what it could be for them to live there. 

Make space 

If you feel you must squeeze around something to get to another room or round a table then rearrange the furniture as this will make the place feel smaller. If you are a family living with children, then let them play with toys but for any viewings pick the toys up from the floor and put them away again, creating more floor space. 


Remove all the empty bottles of shampoo and other products from the bathroom as no one cares what brand you use. Place out freshly laundered towels and make sure the place sparkles as best you can. This also goes for the kitchen – remove as many utensils as possible from work surfaces allowing buyers to see the extent of the workspace available. The kitchen and the bathroom are possibly the most important place of interest for viewers. 

Make sure all beds are made properly and there is nothing lying on the floors.  

Pay attention to the garden 

If the property has a garden, then this is also a big selling feature so make it look the best you can – cut the grass and cut back anything overgrown. A garden can be an extension to any home so, if possible, extend a living/eating area into the garden. You do not have to go to any great expense just a bit of imagination. 

Photographs and videos are very important for advertising now so make sure your property is ready for this to be done. It is not the photographer’s job to prepare the property for you, they can only work with what is in front of them so stand back and look and make sure you are ready. 

ESPC magazine

This article appeared in the September 2022 issue of the ESPC magazine. Find out more about the ESPC magazine and read the latest issue online.