30th July 2010 was a landmark day at ESPC.

It saw the first step in the complete overhaul of how ESPC markets property online - the day the mobile version of espc.com went live. No more did mobile phone users have to scroll this way and that trying to navigate the desktop site on their phone to look for a property.The feedback on the mobile website has been very positive and highlights that making the online search very easy and very simple is the way ahead. We have applied this as a new rule for our new website.

The year one report card for the mobile website (up to 19 July 2011):
  • The number of times someone has used the mobile site - 325,162
  • The number of pages that have been looked at - 4.8million
  • The length of time people use the site for - 5 minutes and 52 seconds
  • The number of countries that people have used the site in - 122
  • The busiest day of the week - Sunday

We were a little suprised by that. It's Monday and Tuesday that are busiest for our main website but when buyers are out viewing at a weeked the look at property details on the go. It's a really handy tool if you are heading to a viewing and happen to spot another property on the way to pick up your phone and have a look to see if it ticks the boxes!The use and quality of the ESPC mobile website is one reason why we strongly encourage sellers to ensuer that the ESPC logo is on their For Sale Board. A buyer quickly learns that accessing the information on the go is a simple way to get the information needed.We are not resting on our laurels. As soon as we have completed the work to change over ESPC's main site to the new version, we will start to see how the great ideas from that site can be transferred over to the mobile site. Watch this space!