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Fringe by the Sea 2014

John Shaw Director Marketing & Sponsorship Fringe by the Sea talks to us a bit about what Fringe by the Sea means and why you should attend. He said:

"This year is the seventh Fringe by the Sea Festival taking place in North Berwick, from 4th -10th August and I genuinely can't think of any other festival that delivers so much variety and fun in a single week."

"The music covers jazz, soul, folk, blues, 60's to 80's pop, gospel - and bluegrass. We have the Authors-in-Conversations series, BIG comedy, theatre and children's events."

"The 'themed' days include Beach Day [donkeys and all!] and Valuation Day with Lyon & Turnbull - as well as special one-offs like 2020 Vision [thought-provoking wildlife photography and narrative] and guided walks both round the town and further afield."

There will be more events, more venues, more fun this year. Come and try a bit of everything! Find out more about the festival and book tickets at fringebythesea.co.uk


Featured act: Phill Jupitas

Phill JupitusWe spent some time catching up with Phill Jupitas who tells us a little about what he does, why he thinks events like Fringe by the Sea are so important and even offers a bit of life advice.

"I am a stand-up comedian, poet, actor and broadcaster and have been invited to appear at this year's 'Fringe by the Sea' event.

I am a fan of the peripheral cultural events which take place around the Edinburgh Festival, and always enjoy performing in towns I have never visited previously. Fringe by the Sea ticks a number of boxes in that respect."

"I shall be performing a stand-up comedy set although there is a slight risk of poetry taking place. You never know with me.

I tend not to know what I am going to do on any given night until I've seen a few faces in the front row. That's one of the best things about live performance; the unpredictability.

I'm looking forward to meeting a new audience. You should come because I know what I'm doing and I smell delightful."

"I think events anywhere are important, that events like Fringe by The Sea take place because getting out of the house and taking part in local gigs, theatre shows, recitals, concerts and exhibitions are part of how human beings interact with each other; shared experience."

"This is not a YouTube clip. It's not telly. It's not something you can pause and go and stick the kettle on. It's a living, breathing thing that you can be a participant in just by turning up. Did I mention the bar? There is also a bar. (There really better be a bar...)"

Phil’s words of advice

Manners cost nothing. Eat more veg and fruit. When you visit your grandparents, ask them genuine questions, don't just drink their tea, eat their biscuits and leave. Learn a foreign language. Visit that country. Go see art at least once a week. (This includes taking art classes, going to the theatre, opera, gigs, ballet etc. any film without explosions or CGI, lectures, talks, school plays, amateur dramatics and poetry slams)

Drive less. Walk more. Do not spend more than an hour a day on your computer, phone and tablet. Read more books. You know, the ones made of paper. Reading should be a tactile as we'll as intellectual exercise. Smile more. You look very nice today.

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