Meet the Editor

Caroline Young is the new editor of our ESPC Paper, and here she tells us more about herself.


ESPC has always been an iconic brand in Edinburgh – I have childhood memories of being taken to the showroom on George Street by my parents when they were looking for properties. I sat in the corner looking at my Thundercats sticker album while they browsed all the listings on the walls.

I’m in the process of buying my first property – so I understand the questions people have when they first try to get into the property market. Finding a large enough deposit feels like an overwhelming task for a start, and then managing to get an offer in that would be accepted seems monumental too. However, there’s lots of advice for first time buyers at ESPC which is really helpful.

I’ve worked in a diverse range of places – Previous to ESPC I worked as a press officer for Police Scotland, as a content editor and writer for Herald Scotland, and in the communications team for the City of Edinburgh Council. I also worked on reception for architects company Cooper Cromar - my first taste of the property market.

I studied journalism and communication in Brisbane, Australia – This was in 2006, so just at the tipping point before the advent of social media. I think journalism changed greatly at that point – it’s much easier to access information through Facebook and Twitter. Studying abroad was a good excuse to do further travel and see the world, while also working on a career.

I’m always drawn back to Edinburgh – I was born here and went to school here, studied in Glasgow and then did a lot of backpacking, but I always felt really lucky to call Edinburgh home. It’s such a beautiful place, and I like living somewhere I can easily walk around.

I love the variety of restaurants in Edinburgh – I just like food in general, but one of my favourites is Empires on St Mary’s Street. It’s got a cosy, warm interior with delicious Turkish food.

I’m a huge film fan – I don’t spend nearly enough time at the Filmhouse and Cameo, two of my favourite places, and it’s not just because you can get a glass of wine to take in to watch the film!

I have a dream of owning a campervan – I still have the traveller spirit in me, so I’d love a hippie style campervan to go on adventures up north or through Europe. I always liked the idea of travelling overland to Greece or Turkey.